I’ve found something I like the look of on one of your websites and I want to copy it. Is that OK?

NO! Absolutely not!

Although we’re happy to allow the use of the delivery notes and Conditions of Trading (with no guarantee as to their suitability or legal standing), we expressly do not give permission for anyone to reuse any text, images or computer code (Javascript, PHP etc) which is either our own intellectual property or licensed to us from external sources. Any unauthorised use of such material is a breach of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and will leave you liable to potential fees, damages and costs. Additionally in extreme cases we may issue a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice against Google which will cause them to remove all traces of your website from their index and other properties. We may also issue a notice against your website hosts causing them to disable access to your website which contains our intellectual property.

When will I get paid?

We pay most invoices by BACS on the day they’re received, so you should receive payment in your account within 3 working days of receipt. Be sure to send your BANK DETAILS and a copy of the POD with your invoice to avoid possible payment delays.

My invoice is overdue, what should I do?

If you’ve worked for us and sent us your invoice, POD and bank details you should receive payment within a few days.

Occasionally invoices get lost in the post or sorted wrongly when they reach us – so we’re happy to answer any queries even before your invoice is due for payment. But PLEASE BEFORE CONTACTING US:

Check your email account for our ‘Payment Advice’ issued a few days after you sent the invoice.

Check your bank account over the same period. We usually use your invoice number as our payment reference.

Then, and only then, please send an email to accounts@anywhere.ltd.uk or a CX Interactive message if you have access to CX. Please avoid telephoning if at all possible.