Naming And Shaming

In Car Communications Ltd T/A MA Couriers CX ID 61758

I called him for an update some time after he was due to collect (because I hadn’t heard anything from him) to be told he’d broken down. He claimed he’d called us and left a message with ‘a bloke’ on a number he couldn’t give me. He’d called our usual number to bid on the job and he’d had a text from my mobile and a CX confirmation, so he had our numbers.

He lost his temper with me while I was repeatedly asking him whether he’d picked up – all he would say is that he’d explained on the phone (to this mystery number, which he didn’t know). After lots of shouting I managed to work out that he hadn’t collected, so I called the customer straight away. Apparently he’d rung MY CUSTOMER to say he couldn’t do the job because he’d broken down. He couldn’t see that there was a problem not informing me and letting me sort the job out! Very pleasant when he took the job, very rude and unhelpful when it went wrong.

His last words to me were that he would be taking things further – as if I’d done something wrong!

Sure enough he took things further, making a formal complaint to CX against us for late payment – for a job from 3 days earlier which he hadn’t even collected and hadn’t invoiced us for!

Posted by Alec, Anywhere Couriers at 15:15 on 15/08/2011

Baharder CX ID 55530

Saturday put GTM on, collecting 15:00 for direct delivery to the o2 Arena London by 18:00. Booked job out @ 14:12. Customer phoned at 15:10 asking where vehicle was. I phoned the “owner driver” doing the job and he told me he would have to check with his driver. He then got back to me and said he was 10 mins away. Goods finally collected at 16:00

At 18:45 customer asked how long until delivery. Was told driver in Stepney ( less than 4 miles away). At 21:45 get a call saying driver can’t find the o2 Arena. Told him to ring the contact on his delivery note and tell him where he was so he could sort out meeting up.

Sunday morning I started ringing o/d at 08:00 and finally got hold of him just after 10:00. Asked him fo the POD. Was then told his driver failed to deliver as he couldn’t find the place and he gave up at 03:00 and went home. O/d then said he was taking it straight down himself. At 12:00 I started ringing but couldn’t get any reply. At 12:45 after about 20 attempts to get hold of th od I explained the situation to my customer who said he would give us until 13:30 to find the goods then they was going to report them as stolen. I text this to the o/d who then managed to answer his phone. ( I wonder why). I asked him where he was and he told me he was on the M1 passing Milton Keynes. I told him he was lying as here was no background noise at all and he was not on any motorway. He said this was because he was in an Audi and they are silent. I told him he had to bring the goods to Hopwood services (M42 jct 2) and how quick could he get there. He said 20 mins. When asked how could he possibly get from Milton Keynes to Hopwood that quick (almost 75 miles) he said it was because he was in an Audi and they are very fast. I finally met him at the services about 25 mins later and got the goods back off him.

Posted by Mark, Intransit Couriers at 16:29 on 14/06/2011

John McGrath Ltd/Airport Direct CX ID 47355

On 27th MAY 2010 I made an entirely justified complaint about a CX member. For over FOUR MONTHS the complaint has been showing as ‘Awaiting Reply’, now it’s apparently ‘Closed’.

If I make a complaint I expect it to be resolved in some way – not just marked as ‘ Closed’ without any reference to me.

Subcontractor: John McGrath Ltd/Airport Direct Type: Performance

Complaint submitted by Anywhere Ltd on 27/05/2010 at 12:50

“Job booked verbally at 1025 for collection between 1100 and 1130 – their driver was allegedly already in the area. Confirmed via CX at 1036. Our Job Notes included “Deliver ASAP please. Please call if any problems”. At 1230 the customer rang complaining that the consignment hadn’t been collected. Their landline number is constantly engaged and the mobile number was answered by someone who was more interested in where I’d got his number from that in sorting out our almost 2 hours late collection.”

The job was never collected by them and we never received any explanation – so how exactly is the complaint ‘Closed’?

Posted by Alec, Anywhere Couriers at 19:18 on 18/10/2010